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Paint Correction

All vehicles will require paint correction to remove all imperfections of scratches, "spider webbing", mild scrapes and swirl marks some may call "holograms". It is mandatory to perform this procedure on all vehicles whether older models or brand new.  It will enhance best overall appearance and the final results of each application.  Our 3 step polishing process eliminates all the distortion in your clear coat producing such a deep high gloss finish that even these pictures on this site cannot justify the depth you will envision in person.   "Seeing is believing" !  For car enthusiasts the greatest feeling in the world is to witness this like "better than new" look locked in with the 'Best Protection' for your vehicle in the years to come.

Most dark vehicles show swirl marks & abrasions from everyday wear & tear more than lighter vehicles.  Our paint correction process will eliminate the harsh marks minimizing distortion.  Restoring your clearcoat finish to a more deep lustrous shine.

Before & after pics of panels with our paint correction applied. The huge difference in clarity will impact the the vehicles vibrant beauty, enhancing the most wet looking finish once coated.

Paint correction

3 Step Procedure in Paint Correction

Step 1

Claybar Decontamination

First the paint finish is washed & cleansed to remove exterior dirt & residue. Then claybarred with our primer solution to remove contaminates & iron caused by environmental buildup, sap, bugs, birdroppings,  tar, over spray and other road debris.

Step 2

Deep Compound

We start with removing the deeper scratches first by using our compound polisher with the more coarse pad and assortment of compounds.  

Step 3

Minor Polish & Swirl Remover

A finer method of polishing is followed up using our sponge pad swirl mark remover eliminating all finest scratches & swirls for the deepest lustrous look.  A final spray panel prep will be applied to wipe the panels clean removing all compounds and preparing for the ceramic topcoat.



A claybar in our primer prep solution is used to remove all residue from the clearcoat .  This decontamination process removes iron and environmental contaminates such as sap, bird dropping stains, overspray & bugs.

During the claybar & paint correction process as an extra safety precaution we tape off all moldings, trim, handles,flares & stripe decals

claybar vehicles

2 Step Polisher System & Compounds


paint correction porsche 911

Our shop is equipped with both LED high output & stage lighting to help identify all distortions & imperfections in the paint correction process .   Our goal is to make your clearcoat look as perfect as we can prior to locking in our protective coatings.

2005 Mercedes Benz ML500


Ceramic Coated 2005 Mercedes Benz ML500 with major paint correction restored to a brand new look for 2021 


Seeing is Believing !

Its mandatory all vehicles will require paint correction including the brand new ones from the dealer

Joe Lowrys 2002 Chevy Malibu restored to its better than new look & coated for year to come !

Tyler Padgetts 2021 Toyota Highlander ceramic coated paint & wheels

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