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Touchup Process

During the mishaps of minor chips, deep scratches or worse minor scrapes we can repair those areas best we can with the factory touchup.  This will overall enhance your appearance of your vehicle still retaining the factory finish when you resell the vehicle.

2021 Ram 2500 scraped down left quarter panel

As shown in the pics the drivers side quarter panel is scraped down the lower rear section across the wheel opening molding and side panel

The left quarter panel is touched up with the factory paint code and wet sanded to fill in the deep scratches. 

Sometimes like in this example we had to multi layer the touchup due to the deep scratches into the clear.

The panel is finally wet sanded one more time as we only use the finest grade sandpaper removing the least amount of clear to make the best results

Final touchups are performed for the best details and sanded down.  Then we perform our 2 step polishing compounding and final glaze to bring back the deep shine

Drivers side quarter panel restored to new on this 2021 Ram 2500 and is ready for ceramic coating

Every application will have its own process but the end result is to save your factory finish for highest resale value of your vehicle

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