Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide our customers and community with the highest quality of work performed with the highest level of integrity and customer service. We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate your pick up and drop off schedules. Our professional touch-up and paint correction services will ensure the “New Again” or “Brand New” look that our customers look for. We guarantee a 48 hour turn around time for any vehicles brought to the shop by 9 a.m. provided there isn’t any extensive paintwork correction that is required and discussed with the client beforehand. If you take just as much pride in your vehicle as we do in our work, contact us now!

 As we always say “When you Shine, we Shine so lets Shine together !


All our estimates are final pricing unless in the shop and we find extensive damages to the clear-coat.  We will then call and advise for approval before initializing repairs but you will be given the option that would be best suitable for the repair process as how we would repair it if it was our own personal vehicles. Every vehicle will be stamped with a “Seal of Excellence” with an Expiration Date based on the package you purchased.

Ceramic Coating

Paint Correction with touch-up & wax sealant topcoat ($350.00)
Note:  Wax coatings may last from 1-3 months depending on weather conditions & normal maintenance of vehicles

4 Year Warranty

Package 1

Paint Correction with touch-up & ceramic coat exterior paint but No Ceramic coated wheels
($1200.00 with 4 year warranty)

Package 2

Paint Correction with touch-up & ceramic coat exterior paint with  Ceramic Coated wheels outside only ($1350.00 with 4 year warranty)

Package 3

Paint Correction with touch-up & ceramic coat exterior paint with  Ceramic Coated wheels inner & outer – removing wheels from the vehicle ($1500.00 with 4 year warranty)

Self Healing

7 Year Warranty

Package 1

Supreme Package:  Self Healing applied without wheels coated Paint Correction with touch-up & Ceramic Coated exterior paint No Ceramic Coated Wheels
(Pricing starts off $2200.00 )

Package 2

Elite Package: Self Healing applied with wheels ceramic coated Paint Correction with touchup & Ceramic Coated exterior paint Ceramic Coated wheels
(Pricing starts off $2500.00)


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