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Maintenance Care

The best part about having a ceramic coating is the maintaining the finish with its self cleaning abilities.   But remember its not "bullet proof" therefore requires your ability to help keep it clean at its peak performance.   There are several methods you can choose to keep it clean but regardless DO NOT use a "scrub brush" or take through an automated "brush type" carwash as they tend to break down the coatings over time.

Ceramic coatings can take 1-2 weeks cure time so its advised not to wash them for up 2 weeks after delivery.  In the duration of that time period it would be advisable to remove environmental contaminants (any bird droppings, bug splatters  tree sap) with a damp soft microfiber 300+GSM.  

Learning the best practice to maintain your coating will prolong its durability and will hold out its best protection for the years to come.

Traditional Car Wash

Traditional Car Wash

In traditional carwashing the most recommeded is the "two bucket" method.  Filling first bucket with soap concentrate and filling the other plain water used strictly for rinsing the soapy microfiber or mitt.  Make sure there a dirt screens in the bottom of each bucket.   

Start with highest section of the vehicle washing down the vehicle using the rinse bucket to clean out the dirty microfiber then reload with soap from bucket 1. 

 Make sure vehicle is not in direct sunlight so the soap concentrate does not dry up on the vehicle otherwise "staining" will be shown in the coating.

Wash, rinse & repeat with microfiber or wash mitt while rinsing off sections of the vehicle so the soap does not dry up. Save the wheels and lower "dirtier" sections of the vehicle for last and use another microfiber or mitt to wash those sections to avoid cross contamination.

Two Bucket Method

Extra Tips

Foam Cannon Wash

Using a pressure washer, foam cannon gun & high power blower (leaf blower) you can wash your vehicle but be mindful of dirt buildup may require manually washing of certain areas.   

Initially pre-rinse the vehicle with the pressure washer then saturating the vehicle of the soapy solution with the foam cannon gun.  Let it sit 5-8 mins but DO NOT ATTEMPT in DIRECT SUNLIGHT !

Pressure wash all the soapy concentrate from the vehicle and blow dry the vehicle until all the water droplets are very minimal size.   You can follow up and remove the small droplets with a 300 + GSM microfiber.

This method is most effective if you purchase the Ceramic paint, wheels and glass package so all surfaces  will repel water much easier.

Remember ceramic coatings are more durable than your actual clearcoat but they are not "Bullet Proof" so be mindful that it requires basic clean maintenance for your coating to be a its peak performance.

  • Use No Rinse or PH balance mild soap bi-weekly to avoid dirt build up

  • Avoid washing in direct sunlight to prevent streaking & staining


  • Wash from top to bottom leaving the dirtiest sections for last including the wheels

  • Use a separate microfiber, mitt or sponge for the wheels

  • 2 bucket method of washing most preferred 


Never let any finish "AIR DRY".   The minerals from the water system will leave rings in the coating which will not be removed easily.

A high power blower or leaf blower will recommended to remove water from the vehicle starting from the highest section down. 

Follow up your drying with a clean 300+ microfiber towel for the best results.


NOTE: Its not recommended to use a air compressor with a blower nozzle.   If you choose otherwise be careful to make sure nothing has been painted prior as the "direct air" will blow the actual paint off the vehicle .    Paint thats uncured or showing signs of chipping .

Things to Avoid

Lawn Sprinklers - coatings will not protect the clearcoat from waterspots.  Minerals from the sprinklers will leave water rings on the coating as it would water stains on your factory clearcoat

Environmental - bird droppings, pollen & tree sap from a shedding tree

Fleet Trucks - all commercial vehicles, dump trucks, tractor trailors buses will throw rocks & debris which will chip the coating

Scrub Brush - avoid using abrasive soaps, cleaners & scrub brushes

Automated Brush Carwashes - Do NOT use automated or manual "brush type" carwashes as the coatings will breakdown over time

We recommend you contact us immediately for inspection if you get water spots or contaminant stains in the coating or question how to remove without affecting your warranty or coating protection.  We can advise or perform the best overall solution and get you back on track with mind at ease.

Water Spots

Things NOT to DO  :

DO NOT try to remove them with abrasive polishes or cleaners

DO NOT try to use excessive force to remove blemishes

DO NOT request a third party detail shop, professional or detailer to remove them


We highly recommend washing & maintaining all vehicles with 300+ GSM microfibers.   "GSM" stands for grams per square meter.  The higher the number the more thicker pile or density can absorb liquids.  Thus offering more gentle cleaning and less chance of scratching the ceramic surface.

Absolutely NO BRUSH TYPE Automated Carwash or SCRUB BRUSH on the Coatings - NO EXCEPTIONS as it will break down the coatings & possibly VOID your Warranty 

Seeing is Believing !

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