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Benefits of Glass Coatings

Water Repellency: Allows driving in rain without wipers, extending wiper lifespan. Improved Visibility: Enhances visibility during rainy and foggy conditions. Ease of Cleaning: Prevents dirt buildup, making cleaning effortless. Environmental Protection: Shields against elements like bird droppings and road grime. UV Protection: Guards against sun damage, prolonging windshield life. Enhanced Durability: Protects against scratches and chips, reducing windshield damage. Cost Savings: Decreases wiper replacement and maintenance costs. Enhanced Aesthetics: Gives the windshield a sleek appearance, improving the vehicle's overall look.

Hydrophobic Protection

Glass coatings with hydrophobic properties, when applied to the exterior surface and rubbed on, create a water-repellent barrier. These coatings often contain fluorinated compounds that reduce the glass's surface energy, making it less attractive to water molecules. This results in water beading up and rolling off the glass more easily, improving visibility during rainy conditions and reducing the reliance on wiper blades. By minimizing the need for frequent use of wiper blades, the lifespan of the blades can be extended. Additionally, the hydrophobic coating helps to keep the glass surface cleaner, reducing the buildup of dirt and grime. Overall, these coatings not only enhance driving visibility but also contribute to maintaining the integrity of wiper blades and improving the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Preparing for Protection

Prior to applying the protective coating, we undertake a thorough cleaning process to eliminate all contaminants from the glass surface. Our meticulous hand polishing ensures the removal of residues such as bugs, tar, and overspray, leaving behind a pristine surface that is ready for coating application. This meticulous cleaning not only ensures a visually appealing finish but also facilitates a strong mechanical bond between the glass and the protective coating. As a result, the coating adheres effectively to the glass surface, enhancing its durability and performance in repelling water and other environmental elements.

All Exterior Glass & Mirrors Included

Our glass ceramic coat is meticulously applied to all exterior windows, encompassing the windshield, door glass, quarter glass, rear window, sunroof/panoramic roof, and exterior mirrors. This comprehensive coverage ensures that you enjoy enhanced visibility and protection from all sides. Even the exterior mirror lenses are coated, providing excellent rear visibility even in inclement weather conditions. With this complete protection, your vehicle's windows and mirrors are shielded against the elements, ensuring optimal performance and clarity in various driving conditions.

Water Spotting Detected

Over time, environmental factors such as acid rain and water sprinklers can cause unsightly water spotting and staining on your vehicle's paint and glass surfaces. Our acid neutralizer solutions are specially formulated for glass and are highly effective in removing most water spots. Additionally, our advanced LED light system allows us to detect water stains with precision, enabling us to provide tailored recommendations for the best overall solution to remove them. With our expertise and specialized tools, we ensure that your vehicle's glass surfaces remain clean, clear, and free from imperfections caused by water spotting and staining.

A Strong Recommendation

We highly recommend removing all water stains for optimal mechanical bonding and overall protection. Plus, eliminating such blemishes further highlights the attention to detail and quality of our services.

Upraise Your Window Experience

Experience the difference our glass coating services can make. Enjoy crystal-clear windows, water-repelling magic, and protection that last. Your view will never be the same.