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Collision Repair

Unfortunately, accidents are mishaps we cannot avoid on day to day basis.  Our protocol is to enforce custom aftermarket coverage for all ceramic coatings upon the day of delivery.  The inenvitable is going to happen whether an object falls off the shelf in a garage, childs bike or grocery cart scrapes the side of your vehicle weathering catastrophe (ie hail or ice storm) or even the most worst,  a car accident.  In any situation we have the remedy and solution for you. We strongly advise all customers to please contact us immediately for an inspection to advise how to handle & address your situation.

In cases where a bodyshop is needed we can refer you to a location that meets our standards and if you have the coverage to reinstall the coating on the damaged panels it will cost you nothing more than your deductible at the bodyshop.

2018 Audi which was ceramic coated back in December and in an accident a week after delivery. With the proper insurance coverage, we were able to recoat the damaged panels both the left quarter panel and rear bumper at no extra cost to the owner and got her back on the road.

NOTE:  Most body shops will request 30 day paint curing process before reapplying the coatings.  Please check with your local body shop as we do not want to void your warranty on the collision repair.

2012 Cadillac CTS front bumper scraped

Front bumper repaired & prime ready for the spray booth for repaint

Seeing is Believing !

Ann Pirners ( owner of Big Ben's Towing ) 2012 Cadillac CTS totally restored with Ceramic Coated Glass & Paint with 5 year warranty

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