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Restoring Beauty After Accidents

At Best Auto Salon, we understand that accidents are unpredictable, and life can throw unexpected challenges our way. That's why we emphasize the importance of being prepared for unforeseen mishaps. We highly recommend opting for custom aftermarket coverage for all ceramic coatings upon delivery of your vehicle. By providing you with an invoice, you can easily report our protection warranty to your insurance company, ensuring that your aftermarket ceramic protection is fully covered. Our commitment is to assist you in restoring and maintaining the beauty of your vehicle while offering peace of mind during uncertain times. Trust us to support you through any automotive challenges you may face.

Contact Us For An Inspection

The inevitable can happen – from objects falling in your garage to unexpected scrapes from grocery carts, or even accidents on the road. But fear not, we have the solution for you. We strongly urge all customers to contact us immediately in case of an accident. Our team will conduct an inspection and provide guidance on handling the situation with your insurance company. We can also arrange for a visual inspection at your convenience. In the event of damage, the insurance company will require a quote from us to reapply the ceramic coating for any affected panels that need replacement or repainting. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we're here to assist you every step of the way.

Meeting Our Standards

In cases where a body shop is necessary, we can refer you to a trusted location that upholds our high standards of quality. If you have coverage, we can reinstall the coating on the damaged panels at no additional cost to you, aside from your deductible at the body shop. Our recommended body shop collaborates with all insurance companies and is dedicated to ensuring quality workmanship to get you safely back on the road. Trust us to provide comprehensive support throughout the repair process.

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    Some body shops require a 30-day paint-curing process before reapplying coatings. It's recommended to check with your local body shop to ensure that your warranty on collision repair remains valid before reapplying our protection.

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    Insurance Coverage

    Custom aftermarket coverage is provided to ensure that the ceramic coating remains protected and can be restored to its pre-accident condition. This coverage helps maintain the protection and appearance of the vehicle.

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    Expert Guidance

    Customers are encouraged to contact us immediately for advice on handling their situation after an accident, preparing them for the next steps in the repair process.

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    Back on the Road

    With the assistance of the service, customers can expect to get back on the road with their vehicle in the same condition as before the accident, including its shine and protection.

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    Your Investment Matters

    The service acknowledges that your vehicle is an investment and is committed to preserving its value, even after an accident.