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Paint correction is essential for every vehicle, irrespective of age, to eliminate imperfections like scratches, spider webbing, and swirl marks. Whether dealing with older models or brand-new cars, this mandatory three-step polishing process significantly enhances the overall appearance, creating a finish that surpasses the vehicle's original condition. By eliminating distortions in the clear coat, the process yields a deep, high-gloss finish that surpasses the limitations of online images. The transformative power of the correction process is a testament to the saying "seeing is believing," offering car enthusiasts a sensation of witnessing a "better than new" look. This not only elevates the visual appeal but, coupled with the application of the 'Best Protection,' ensures the longevity of the pristine finish, providing car owners with lasting satisfaction and pride.

Dark vehicles tend to accentuate swirl marks and abrasions, making everyday wear and tear more noticeable than on lighter vehicles. Our specialized paint correction process is tailored to address this issue, effectively eliminating harsh marks and minimizing distortion. This meticulous approach is designed to restore the clear coat finish, bringing back a deep, lustrous shine to dark vehicle exteriors. By reducing the visibility of swirl marks and abrasions, our paint correction not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of dark vehicles but also provides a lasting solution to the wear and tear effects, ensuring that the restored finish maintains its brilliance over time.

Step 1

Clay Bar Decontamination

To initiate the paint correction process, the vehicle's paint finish undergoes a thorough wash and cleansing, eliminating exterior dirt and residue. Subsequently, our clay bar treatment, paired with a specialized primer solution, is employed to remove contaminants such as environmental buildup, iron deposits, sap, bugs, bird droppings, tar, and road debris.

Step 2

Deep Compound Correction

Addressing deeper scratches is the focus of this stage. Utilizing a compound polisher equipped with a coarse pad and an array of compounds, we systematically eliminate more pronounced imperfections, ensuring a smoother and more refined surface.

Step 3

Minor Polish and Swirl Removal

Following the deep compound correction, a finer approach to polishing is adopted. Our sponge pad, paired with a swirl mark remover, meticulously addresses the finest scratches and swirls on the paint surface. This meticulous process results in a deep, lustrous finish that enhances the overall aesthetic. To conclude, a final spray panel prep is administered, effectively removing all compounds and preparing the surface for the application of the ceramic topcoat, ensuring a lasting and protective finish.

Combination LED's & Spotlights

LED lighting plays a crucial role in paint correction, particularly for revealing imperfections such as holograms and spider web scratches. These imperfections can often be difficult to detect under regular lighting conditions but become more visible under LED illumination. The precision offered by LED lights is paramount in paint correction, as it allows professionals to scrutinize surfaces with clarity, preventing the oversight of subtle imperfections. The focused beam of LED lights provides consistent and directed illumination, empowering detailers to effectively identify and address issues.

The significance of LED lighting lies in its ability to unveil the true condition of the paint, ensuring a thorough and precise correction process. By highlighting imperfections that might be missed, LED lighting improves correction accuracy, contributing to the overall success of the detailing process and achieving a flawless, high-quality finish.