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Ceramic Coating

We offer 2 types of Certified Ceramic Coatings at the customers request :  CERAMIC PRO & FEYNLAB


Both Ceramic options offer protective coatings on paint, glass, brake calipers, wheels & interior treatment

Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro flagship product 9H provides a solid base foundation of both Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) & Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) to protect the clearcoat with highest resistance to scratches  & UV protection.  Once the thick layer is applied with an applicator on all the panels & self leveled we will then add Topcoat.  This application will produce a more hydrophobicultra-slippery finish, which makes water, dust, dirt, pollen, and other light debris nearly impossible to stick. 

Note:  All Ceramic Pro installations will require annual inspections which includes claybar decontamination & Sport topcoat to maintain the the coating at its peak performance.


We offer many coatings from the Feynlab system but strongly emphasize on the Ceramic Ultra for its 5 year nationwide warranty.   We apply the silicon nitride & silicon carbide base with a microfiber applicator one panel at a time for even coverage removing the entire coating after its dried.  The application process will leave the entire vehicle with a deep lustrous gloss once its completely cured making it more scratch resistant as it begins to repel water.

Thick durable coating which has to be evenly distributed across the vehicle to protect all the painted finish long term.  We even coat exterior plastics, headlamps, tail lamps, marker lamps & window trim & moldings with our Plastic coating for the best over protection.

All our coatings leave High Deep Gloss which is even noticeable on lighter vehicles & easy maintenance of keeping clean.

The characteristics of the Ceramic Ultra 

"Seeing is believing" how we can transform any late model vehicle into daily driven "showcar" with the "ultimate" protection ! ! 

Ceramic Pro 9H Paint Protection

Seeing is Believing !

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