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Refinish Brake Calipers

Most OEM brake calipers are manufactured with textured alloy metal with no paint or powerdercoat refinish to protect it .  We throughly clean prep them and then use our 2 part epoxy ceramic heat paint to & apply with a brush.  Once the epoxy dries we apply our "wheel & brake caliper" coating to your newly finished brakes for easier cleaning.
ceramic coat brake calipers & wheel
painted brake calipers

Ceramic Coated wheel & brake caliper



ceramic coat wheels & brake calipers

Removing wheels from Porsche Cayenne & Camaro. Prep & refinish brake calipers with Ceramic Heat 2 part Epoxy & applying Ceramic Coating Caliper protection

We get requests to paint the original Brembo brake calipers with our epoxy heat paint then apply the "Brembo" decals onto our finished product 

Original Caliper
Refinished Caliper

2014 C43 AMG Benz with ceramic painted calipers and ceramic coat protection

Original Caliper
Refinished Caliper

2003 CL600 fully ceramic coated paint with refinished wheels, brake calipers & rotors 

Original Replacement Caliper
Refinished rotor & brake caliper with logo
Refinished wheel, brake caliper & rotor
Seeing is Believing !

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