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Wheels & Brake Calipers

We offer a thick nano coating to your brake calipers and wheels that can withstand high heat temperatures and protect against road contamination. It will make life so much easier to keep your wheels & brake calipers maintained clean against road debris & brake dust.


ceramic coated brake calipers


Ceramic Coating Wheels removed from vehicle with inner & outer sections       

Wheels are removed from the vehicle clean prepped and decontaminated with our wheel prep solution.  Then coated on the inner barrel & outer face with our brake & wheel coating.  If desired we can prep & coat the brake calipers during the process.

ceramic coated wheels

Ceramic Coating Wheels Exterior Only

Most customers prefer to simply coat the exterior surfaces of the wheel mounted on the vehicle.  Depending on how thorough you are in keeping your vehicle maintained we offer both options.

ceramic coated wheels

We ceramic coat brand new rims right out of the box including the inner barrels

Seeing is Believing !

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