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Classic Streetrods

On occasion we are asked to ceramic coat restored classic cars some may call "Street Rods".   Its really on a "case by case" basis will we take on such a project as you may know the original paint jobs of the 70's and older were made of lacquer or single stage paint with no clear topcoat.  Some of our ceramic coatings & chemicals may interact with older paint systems which could cause a dull finish.  Without a clearcoat finish we cannot offer our paint correction method without removing any color, therefore its not an option.


 In conditions in which we can perform ceramic coating we offer very mild paint correction procedures as we do not want to "burn through" the aftermarket clearcoat finish. 

We can offer ceramic coating to paint, wheels, glass & interior treatment to older classic models as shown here

Kevin & Rhonda Grenier's classic street rods all paint corrected and coated in ceramic 

Seeing is Believing !

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