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Acid Rain 

Acid Rain & Water Stains

Most late model vehicles show signs of both glass & paint contamination caused from environmental fallout known as "acid rain".  In the auto industry they claim it to be caused by air pollution, decaying insects, bird droppings, pollen & tree sap.   Chemists say its from elevated levels of sulfate & calling it acid rain leaving deposits of acidic pollutants ruining auto finishes and glass.   Other bad causes is the underground sprinkler systems & high concentrate carwashes leaving chemical deposits causing a waterstain film as shown on this 2019 4Runner.  Don't worry we have the solution for you !

Heres a sample of a 2019 4 Runner that is garaged kept but acquired contaminate stains from highly concentrated carwash.  Over time the vehicle has been completely stained on all the factory clearcoat including all the glass.

We apply our water spot removal solutions to the entire vehicle including all the the painted panels & glass.

Once remove all the water spot removal solution from the paint & all the glass, we proceed to polish all the glass.

the 2019 4 Runner with approximately 47,000 miles on the vehicle is restored to its better than brand new finish with ceramic coated glass & paint

Seeing is Believing !

Jim Sharps 2019 4 Runner completely ceramic coated paint & glass !

2021 Durango Hellcat stained from contaminated water leaving water deposits on the clearcoat that cannot be polished off or removed by buffing

The complete vehicle had to bathed in our waterspot solution glass & paint to remove all the water staining prior to applying our Ceramic Pro 9H to lock in the deep gloss finish

2021 Hellcat Durango restored to its original finish with deep lustrous look for its 5 year Ceramic Pro warranty

Seeing is Believing !

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