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Glass Coatings

Our ceramic glass coatings adds protection to the glass with a self cleaning ability to repel water.  Its hydrophobic properties sheets the beads of water off the glass adding slickness when you wipe across its surface.  The protective coating requires thoroughly removing all contaminants & polishing the glass first prior to the install.

Once the glass is thoroughly cleaned we hand polish to remove all residue, bugs, tar & overspray to prep for the coating.  We apply our glass ceramic coat to the windshield, all door glass, quarter glass & rear window, sunroof/panaramic roof & mirrors.

Over a period of time environmental fallout, acid rain & water sprinklers can start showing signs of water spotting & staining on your vehicles paint & glass. Depending on the severity of the damage most water spots can be removed using our acid neutralizer solutions designed specifically for glass.  Our polishing method will also help eliminate all those ugly blemishes in the glass surfaces too.  We highly recommend to all customers to remove all water stains for the best mechanical bonding & overall protection.

Water Spot & stain removal

Water Spots in Glass


removing water spots in glass
ceramic glass coating

Most vehicles will require taping off sections of the soft convertible top, moldings & trim to protect them from during process of paint correction or water spot removal.


removing water spots in glass

2018 Porsche 911 glass coatings curing process

2019 4Runner completely soaked in our water spot remover solution on both glass and paint to remove all water stains & spotting therefore creating the best overall protection & appearance for the durable ceramic coating applied on both the glass & clear coat

Seeing is Believing !

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